Somehow I managed to stumble upon the unique ‘mourning objects’ by Anna Schwamborn, jewellery made from human hair and ashes to create an immortalised keepsake of your loved one. I really love the concept and her finished designs.

Other designers who have created beautiful necklaces from human hair are Kerry Howley and Mona Hatoum. Kerry’s delicate pieces are inspired by Damask wallpaper designs. Mona’s necklace has inspired me since I was ten years old when I saw it displayed at the Tate Gallery. I remember looking in wonder at how intricate it was. Even from a very young age I have loved the idea of making beautiful designs out of unusual materials. I’m not sure that I will ever incorporate human hair into anything I make, but I have the deepest respect and admiration for those who do. I think it’s so clever and original.